Case Study

How we Registered 100 Brides for a Wedding Tasting for this Catering Company

(In Less Than Two Weeks)

The Challenge

Nameless Catering services all of Indiana. From weddings to corporate events, their wide variety of menu items is sure to please the crowd.

On September 2021, Nameless Catering launched a Wedding Tasting Event particularly for engaged couples who are planning for their weddings. Hosting a complimentary tasting event during the height of the pandemic proves to be quite a challenge already with the restrictions imposed for safety measures.

Nameless Catering continues to expand and try to attract new brides, and having a monthly tasting, didn't solely want to rely on word of mouth. They came to us seeking increased sales to reach more potential customers who had not previously been exposed to their brand. Here at Onya, our team immediately brainstormed on strategy and solution for their needs.

Nameless Catering is currently working with Onya to increase the amount of brides at wedding tastings in order to continue to serve more and more couples as they grow.


Our goal was to engage even more brides to register for tasting events. By leveraging Facebook Ads through layered demographic targeting and marriage of organic and paid traffic, we were able to fill all 100 spots to attend the tasting.

Solution + Strategy

We relied heavily on an organic strategy, and use of Facebook ads to further increase that reach. The creation of a custom audiences drove traffic that generated accurate leads. We promoted Nameless new product offering of frozen meals which remains part of their services.

Knowing they already had a strong organic presence and grassroots support from their community, we leveraged a blend of organic and paid traffic to increase registrations.

First, we created an event for their tasting integrated with their Eventbrite in order to allow registrants to easily access their tickets. We then linked this to their Facebook Page and created an event through their account in order to allow for a two way sync, in addition to allowing for more virality through organic shares.

Upon completion, we then ran the event as an engagement campaign to create even more social proof and organic shares at a lower acquisition cost to validate the value of the event.

Finally, we layered a more targeted traffic campaign on top to target qualified brides within the cities they wanted to reach with higher buying power using demographic targeting.

Reporting + Results

From casual to contemporary, classic to quick, Nameless Catering continues to provide the best possible service and menu for any event as they continue to grow and serve multiple markets. They have seen increased success from Facebook Ads which grew their client list and put their product in front of potential customers in need of their offers.

Overall, we spent less than $400 to fill up their entire event full of prospective brides ready to work with Nameless to be their wedding caterer. The event was completely booked, and we've replicated this process seamlessly for 4 other tastings and counting - including nearly selling out a tasting in a brand new market as they entered into a new state.

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